Hello, XR

My lightweight PHP debugger built on top of ReactPHP.

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I've made a PHP debugger, give it a try at chevere/xr.

XR light

To end 2021 I gave myself a few days to create a different piece of software and I ended up building a lightweight PHP debugger, which is a type of software used for developers to retrieve dump information about things happening in a software system.

πŸ¦„ I spawned this software in less than one week. I did this for the fun of creating something, and for the sake of a distraction-free lightweight debug experience.

# Introducing XR

XR is a debugger where dump messages, emitted from your code gets streamed to a debug server.

XR is a software that started to grow on me the first time I saw Spatie's Ray. I noticed that the Ray debug approach could suit me in some contexts and also benefit my Tech Support clients. But I wanted a different user interface and portability of the debug sessions.

It is named XR for "X-Ray", as X less Ray. XR is not a drop-in Ray replacement, it is a different debugger with other features, flavours and culture.

# Features

# ✨ Dump variables

You can dump single or multiple arguments and use named arguments for increased context.

xr('Hello, world!);
xr($var1, $var2, ..., $varN+1);
xr(one: $var1, cloned: $var2);

# 😊 One-click server

XR server runs on top of ReactPHP, no extra dependencies required. It will run in any compatible PHP system!

# πŸ‘» Filtering

Filter messages by topics and/or emotes as XR doesn't restrict you to log levels, colors, events or anything. You build the context which each message delivered.

# πŸ“Ÿ Backtrace

Understand the call stack related to any section of your code and only when you need it.

# 🌚🌝 Dark/Light modes

XR comes with a theme which follows your system preferences with automatic dark/light mode switch.

# πŸ‘½ Ephemeral

And it's gone! XR doesn't require to store any persistent data. No database required.

# πŸ’ HTML based

XR user interface is HTML. You can benefit from all the goodies including customization, save your session for offline usage, add as shortcut app, etc.

# XR Tiempos

Now that XR is available everybody go to trace yourselves The Plague way.

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